Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have just found the perfect soundtrack for this year's NaNovel.

And it is epic.

I stumbled across The Clockwork Dolls while browsing, and immediately went and bought their first album, Dramatis Personae. Their steampunk-y aesthetic, combined with the epic nature of their orchestrations, makes them the perfect soundtrack for the tentatively-titled Pediophobia (which mean "fear of dolls" and would be perfect if it weren't for some unfortunate connotations).

I am now so excited for November.


Athena said...

♥ it! 2 seconds of one song and I was imagining a setting. Now I need to come up with a soundtrack for mine.

E said...

Yeah, soundtracks seem to tie stories together quite nicely, don't they? I always find that whatever I'm working on, I look out for songs that seem to suit it lyrically or melodically.

Athena said...

I had to redo my soundtrack for my NaNo because it just wasn't working, even for outlining and research. I decided to go character by character and add songs that apply to them, then did the same for the major scenes and settings.

It now contains a healthy dose of David Bowie, Shiny Toy Guns, Crystal Castles, The Clash, Depeche Mode and Bond - and a little bit of Silver Chair and Snow Patrol... and I'm thinking I'm going to add every bit of Julee Cruise I have on my hard drive.