About Me

I am a novelist, poet and blogger.  I've been making stuff up since before I mastered the alphabet and writing it down since before I learnt to read.

In addition to writing, I love photography, graphic design and most related creative endeavours.  

I love to travel.  I currently live in the U.K. with a gorgeous man who is way too good for me.

My Writing
My novel, Aigaion Girl ... a story of the end of days was published in March of 2010.  It's available in print and for Kindle.

All Apple has ever wanted is to be left alone - but having twelve inch horns sticking out of her head hasn't exactly made that easy. The closest thing she has to a social life involves a constant crowd of on-lookers and the occasional fight with an angry mob. And to make matters worse, she's started to notice the signs; the world is about to end...

Now she and her best frienemy, the angel Camael, are torn between doing the right thing and hiding under a rock until it's all over.

Meanwhile, Apple is being bedevilled on all sides, by her angel friend, her human mother, her demon father and Moloch, a general of Hell's Army who wants to recruit her for his own unknown reasons. 
I wrote A/G for NaNoWriMo 2008, although I didn't win; I finished it in February of '09.  You can purchase your copy of Aigaion Girl from a number of online sources, most notably, .ca,, etc., etc.

I write fiction, poetry, articles and opinion pieces which can be found in a few places throughout the web including:, Fictionpress, my Other Blog, Devereaux Court (of course) and various others.   

Other Projects

When I'm not writing, I like to pass my time involved in other creative pursuits, especially those pertaining to photography and graphic design.  I did the layout and cover design for Aigaion Girl.  I also spend a great deal of my time designing T shirts, most of which can be found for sale on

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