Thursday, July 21, 2011

(Blog) Edits

As you have very likely noticed, I've redone the DevCo layout once again. I hope you like it. Just a couple of quick things, then:

My main reason for doing this (and for changing to a pre-made theme) is that blogger has recently added the ability to include separate pages within one blog, and I thought it would be nice, if instead of trying to squeeze descriptions of ourselves and our writing into 25 word blurbs, we could do that but also have whole, infinitely long pages to talk about ourselves and our work and, of course, to shamelessly plug both.

To make life easier, I've set up pages for the Admins. At the moment, all but mine are blank. If you want to put stuff on your page, just go to posting, follow the edit pages link on the right, find the page with your name and click edit. It's pretty smooth sailing from there.

If you can think of any other pages you want added, lemmi know. The downside is that we're only allowed 10 per blog. This means we'll have to choose wisely.

I think that's everything. Lemmi know what you think of the new design (If I can get a good quality, smaller version of our old background, I'll be putting it back up. Not that I don't like the books, but the one-of-a-kindness was good)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Google still hates me, so I can't comment on any Blogger page unless it has pop-up comment boxes. Could you pretty, pretty please include them in the renovations? *flutters eyelashes, grins hopefully*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sorry for the state of things. I'm in the process of (I hope) improving the layout and look of DevCo, so think of this as the equivelant of a drop cloth and a bunch of paint brushes left lying around mid-redecorating.