Friday, May 29, 2009

Kiwi Cookie, Nam

Yo. So it doesn't look like I can figure out how to small-size the font; that'll come later then, the 25-word thing. I'm a fan of Athena's on fictionpress, annnd...she invited me and here I am, out of loyalty and also because the idea sounded fun.


There's not much I want to say about myself. I'm just one girl among squillions, how unique can I get? There's no one /quite/ like me though I'd bet. I've written a crapload of stuff on fanfiction under the penname "Thorn In Your Side" but I've never published in real life. Maybe I will someday, who knows? Pipeline dreams, darlings.

I have a habit of calling just about everyone 'hon' or 'baby' or some such term of endearment (bewarned: bitch may also be a term of endearment when it comes to me! ;D) and if you don't like it, don't just hem and haw, /tell/ me and I won't do it to you.

...What else?

You can find out by talking to me, I guess. I'unno how much I'll contribute to this blog. D: I forget to check in on things at times, but e-mail alerts help. ^_^

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