Saturday, August 13, 2011

NaNoWrimo is Eating My Brain

Not in a bad way. It's just that I really want to start writing this story. Now.

I think it's better for this story that I have to wait, because it's uber complex and being forced to think before I write is going to help both the speed and the quality of the writing, come Novembertime. But... I just... wanna.

Since I'm in writing mode and can't write (at least, not what I want to write (how many more times can I say write in this sentence?)), I've been doing a lot of outline-writing and yesterday, I took a couple of hours and did the mock up for the book cover (and by mock-up, I mean that I have to add a synopsis to the back (probably better to wait until I've finished - or at least started the book before writing that) and get the dimensions for the spine).

Today, once I've had my nap (I was on my feet all day at work; don't judge me) I'm going to be doing research. I had a brainwave this afternoon and thought of an extra little back story I can add to explain a bit about the universe and a bit about one of my mains.

The more I think about this story and the more I look at the book cover, the more I think this book is going to kick ass.

*knock wood*

I know it's 2 and half months away yet, but has anyone else caught the NaNo bug or is that just me?

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E said...

I'm just starting to feel my creativity yawning and stretching and going, "Hey. Where's that Idea I told you to start working on in January? Where isssss iiiiiiit." It's odd, but I always feel more...inspired? during the winter. Maybe it's because I spend so much time sitting on my duff. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I'm starting to get attacked by rabid plotbunnies. So I'm excited to get some of them onto the page. I'm trying to work out what's actually going to happen in this year's NaNovel besides "there are dolls and maybe airships and agents of the French government and it is awesome".