Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quicksand, Part 32

They found Charm-Charm under a massive stone bridge which lay across a field and was too high to connect anything to anything else. She was standing in one of the arches, leaning against the cool, damp stone, smoking a cigarette. She nodded politely to Daisy Chain, then gave Sally a judgemental once-over. “Is this who you wanted me to meet?” She sneered. “She looks human.”

“She is human,” Daisy Chain said, a bit abruptly. “Earth born. Don't pretend you can't tell the difference.”

Charm-Charm bristled. “So she's human. Why have you brought her to me?”

“There are raiders after her.”


“And we want to get to them first.”


“And when a lack of hunters presents itself, who would you rather be killing?”

Charm-Charm shrugged. “Fair point. Why are they after her? Is she Dust heavy?”

“Not especially, no.” Daisy Chain looked down at his feet, embarrassed. “A bit. She's the last of my humans.” Sally didn't know if he was embarrassed because he had humans or if it was because he had one as seemingly useless as her. Or was he embarrassed that he needed help protecting her?

Charm-Charm nodded, understanding but disapproving. “I see.” She perked up slightly. “So who are we going to kill?”