Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Started

Dear New Member,

Welcome to the Devereaux Court community of writers. This site was created with the English coffee-house in mind, as a place for forward-thinking writers to gather, share and discuss their work and trade knowledge. Glad you could join us.

There are a few guidelines, which will ensure a smooth-running, easy-to-use site for everyone. Please read through them before you start posting.

Introducing Yourself

The first step to becoming a contributing author of Devereaux Court is to introduce yourself. Normally, this isn't something that would require instructions, but this introduction process allows us to add your profile to the Scribes list in the first right hand column.
  1. Create a new post, with the name you write under as the subject.
  2. Add your display picture (must be a 75x75 px square) to the post, using the 'left' layout and the 'small' picture option. Please upload this picture rather than hotlinking, as this ensures it won't disappear on us.
  3. Put your name in bold directly to the right of your picture, using the 'small' text size.
  4. In the smallest text size (like this), describe yourself in 25 words or less.
  5. Highlight your name only (or your name and your picture) and link it to your website, if you have one.
  6. You're done the technical stuff, so hit enter a couple of times, change the font to whatever size you want, and let everyone know who you are, what you write, what you read, what you eat for breakfast, or anything else you feel like sharing.
  7. When you're done, make sure you use the Labels function at the bottom of the post editing window. Include your name, introduction and anything else you feel fits.
**After much deliberation and rearranging of the sidebar, it's been decided that scribes will be listed in the side pannel in the order that they post their introductions.**


Posts can be anything, from articles to critiques to story excerpts to poems and lyrics to shameless plugs. The only necessities are that they be kept relatively clean (swearing in moderation is fine, but gratuitous violent or sexual content will be removed if it's not preceded by a big, unmissable warning), polite, and that some effort is made to make sure there are no gross spelling and/or grammatical errors.

If you're posting material that is not your own, please cite - and where it's more than one line long, use the blockquote function.

You can post whatever pictures you want, as long as they're not overly violent or sexual in nature. Copyrights are infringed upon at your own risk, and in the event that we are contacted and informed of infringement, the image in question will be removed. Hotlink if you like.

When you're finished your post, please use the Labels function at the bottom right of the edit window, and include your name and the type of post*, as well as any other labels you feel are appropriate.

*The type of posts are: short story, chapter, oneshot, excerpt, poem, lyrics, critique, news, article, rant, question, please advise, plug (for when you're promoting someone else's story, product or work), shameless plug (for when you're plugging your own stuff), list, poll, information, instructions and of course, introduction. If you can think of any other labels that should be added to this list, coment on this post, and they'll probably be added.


Please feel free to comment on any and all posts, including this one. Anything goes as long as, once again, it's kept clean (nothing overly sexual or violent) and polite (this means no flaming). Comments not adhering to these guidelines will be removed.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the guidelines. On behalf of all the members of the Devereaux Court community, welcome.

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