Saturday, April 17, 2010

Le zzzzzz

I'm really tired right now, but I just wanted to post this quick before I run off to bed.

First, I wanted to mention something cool about Amazon. CreateSpace makes a point of telling their clients that their titles will not be available internationally, so today I started trying to figure out how to get my stuff to Canada. I figured I would have to sign up with another print-on-demand company, one that was based here. Luckily, before I got too involved with this process, I went to on a whim and found my book there. It's also on Amazon's U.K. site, their German site, their French site and their Japanese site. This makes me super happy - almost happy enough to ignore the fact that Aigaion Girl is ranked lower than 1,000,000th on

So, my plans for tomorrow include finishing my sell sheet (still not 100% sure what they're for) and buying paper to print a couple of sell sheets on and some pens. Then, on Monday, comes the scary part: going to my local library and trying to convince them that they need to hold a book release for me. I'm hoping to butter them up by giving them a free copy of the book and offering to sell and sign copies, etc. Tuesday is the other scary part; I'm going to go to the local Coles and see if I can convince them that they need to carry my book. I saw a guy there a few weeks ago that seemed to have gone a similar route for publishing. He was having a signing and they still have a few of his books in stock, so if I look professional enough, maybe I'll be able to convince them.

Anyway, those are my plans. I'm realizing now that this post isn't horribly coherent. I guess I should go to bed before trying to face the day... or something.


Rhiannon said...

Good luck, Bean!

E said...

Much luck with that!

And hey, now I can order AG on Amazon! (I'm gonna get on that. Like now.)

Athena said...

Thanks, guys! :D