Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Debut Novel, "Back to the Homeplace," set in the Southern Missouri Ozarks

Debut Novel, Back to the Homeplace, set in the Southern Missouri Ozarks

Vision to Action Publishing announces the release of Back to the Homeplace, the debut novel of William Leverne Smith, a resident of Hollister, MO, on April 2, 2010.

Hollister, MO, April 2, 2010 -- Back to the Homeplace, the debut novel of William Leverne Smith, will be available to the public on Apr 2, 2010. The novel is set on a farm and in a nearby fictional community located in the southern Missouri Ozark hills and near a fictional western branch of the Current River.
The story revolves around a family dilemma following the death of their matriarch and the unusual will she left to insure the continuity of the farm, which has been in her family for over 150 years, intact.  The year is 1987. The varied background and viewpoints of the adult children coming back to the Homeplace ignite controversy and expose long kept secrets as each family member searches for his or her share of the family legacy. While the older family members stake their claims on land and fortunes, the younger ones search for love and acceptance. Subplots involve AIDS Awareness in 1987 issues and a support group for domestic violence incidents.
At the heart of this family life story is how we do or do not effectively communicate among family members - parents with children, among children and grandchildren and that we must each face the consequences of our individual actions. What happens when they come back to the Homeplace?

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About Vision to Action Publishing:
Vision to Action Publishing designs and develops print, e-book, web, and video materials to support life-long learning and leisure activities. It is a family business with offices in Austin, TX, Teasdale, UT, and Hollister, MO, and does not accept author submissions or outside advertising.

ISBN 978-1451560404

Contact: William L. Smith, Corporate Secretary



E said...

Now *that's* what I call gorilla marketing.

Athena said...

That, I do believe is an example of a media release.

William Leverne Smith said...

Follows all the guidelines for a media/press release, yes. Got responses from both newspapers and tv station interview when first sent out. Also, a number of friends from the Kansas Flint Hills, where I used to live... They work.
Thanks for the comments.
Hope you look at the Video Book Trailer, and order an autographed copy of the book. They are ready to go. Check out the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Going well!