Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hot Chocolate and A Cry for Help

I'm obsessed with these little notebooks designed by Jacqueline Savage McFee. They sell them at Wal-Mart for about 97¢. I have three of the little ones in various colours and one of the more expensive hard-cover ones with the magnetic flap. I honestly think everyone should have one of these; apart from being useful, they're also absolutely adorable.

...Okay, so it's not really a cry for help. I have a question concerning my newest story. Like so many other things I've written, or started trying to write, I've started with two well-defined characters. My problem is, I have nothing else.

So, I have a thirteen-year-old named - I think Lacie - who has grown up rich(ish) and ignored. She's very strong-willed, independant and secure in her somewhat quirkey personality. She's often dry and sarcastic, but occasionally philosophical and can be a little melodramatic. Then I have Dude (who still doesn't have a name), a guy in his mid-to-late twenties. He works a boring office job, lives alone and doesn't really have a lot of friends. He has never been overly wealthy or successful and has basically lived his entire life - or at least his life up until he met Lacie - the way he thought he was supposed to: he went to college, got a job and started working toward a promotion. He's also fairly sarcastic, but he's a little less sure of himself.

These two are friends, and I've worked out how they met, but I don't want the main focus of the story to be on that.

So, thoughts? I'm not looking for a full plot or anything, but I would love an idea or two for what kind of adventure these two people would have together, or what type of plot would suit them. I'm thinking something... not fluffy, exactly, but lighthearted, I guess.

Thanks in advance,


PS, if it helps, think of them as brother and sister, just so you're not wracking your brain trying to figure out how the Hell these two met and became friends. That part's a secret, only because it's a little darker than I want the story to play out.


Rachelle said...

Yeah I'm drawing a blank. Haha. But I'll mull it over and if I think of anything I'll comment again. :D

Athena said...

Sweet, thanks :)

Rhiannon said...

Search and retrieve type o' quest, perhaps? Save the damsel/dude/kitten in distress? Successfully destroy a suburb for political gain?

...perhaps I should sleep more before I start suggesting things >:)

Athena said...

I like the successfyly destroy a suburb one... very Fight Club... could work.

PS, the girl's name is Lacie Everette and the Guy's is Chad Doyle.