Monday, October 4, 2010


I've signed up for NaNoWriMo, have picked the story I want to do, and I'm halfway done the horror story for Terrible Minds.

I feel accomplished. Except my NaNo story doesn't have a title yet.

Bah. I'll think of one.

Anyway, I'm still Elvish Kitty (don't ask) on the NaNo boards, so feel free to add me.


Athena said...

Damn. I had pretty much forgotten about both of those things in the past few days. I'm still sitting at about 1/4 through my Terrible Minds story (also yet-to-be-titled) and I'm seriously considering reworking an existing story for NaNo. I don't think it will quite count as cheating though, if I rewrite everything and don't copy and paste a singal phrase from my notes... I suppose I should sign up for NaNo now, though, before the site gets too bogged down to function.

E said...

Dammit but I want to do NaNo this year, but I don't have any ideas, but I want to totally rework an old story, but I started already, but - but - but - aUGH!

Also, don't think I'll make the Terrible Minds thing - have many many other writing commitments this month.

Tired. :P First year is the hardest, right? Say it's the hardest. (It's not, is it.)

Rhiannon said...

It's not, but it is the hardest to pass, for mostly psychological reasons (also, profs are doing their level best to thin the ranks). Once you're through and out the other side, the other years seem like a cake walk.

Okay, maybe not a cake walk, but they don't feel as difficult.

Don't worry about it, though. Breathe. Relax. You'll be fine. Don't slack off, but don't let the work bog you down, either. If you don't give yourself time to absorb what you're learning, your brain will rebel come midterms and refuse to recall anything, something I learned the hard way.

Athena said...

First year is definitely the most stressful. It gets better, promise.

Also, for reworking... I didn't start writing Aigaion until Nov 1, 2008, but I spent a huge chunck of September and ALL of October planning everything... I think as long as all of the writing in the finished product was written in November, the ideas can be a little recycled.

E said...

Thanks, you guys!

Somebody on a NaNo group on lj mentioned that they were going to continue something they'd already started, but not count what they'd already written as part of their final word count. I think that might be the only way I'd be able to do it, because I don't want to totally rewrite something I started rewriting just last year, and starting something new now would kill me dead. What're your thoughts on that? Cheating or just good practice?

Athena said...

My thought would be to check with the NaNo people, if there's a way to get in touch with them. But really, if you're only counting your November words, I don't think it really counts as cheating.