Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I loaned a copy of A/G to my boss and was delighted by his reaction (he was prodding me to do a sequel and called it "absolutely amazing" :) But I was a little embarrassed when he asked me how to pronounce Aigaion and I couldn't really answer him. The working title for the book, at the very beginning, was just Apple, and when I came up with the actual title, I was going more for what it looked like (obviously) than how it sounded. Anyway, I made it my mission upon getting into work today to find out once and for all. With some help from the software and a pronunciation guide for the greek alphabet, I figured it out. As I`ve long-suspected (I tried to figure this out with my greek text books as well, but I could never work out if the transliteration was from modern or ancient Greek), Aigaion is pronounced eye-guy-on. So there you go. You can stop wondering now ;)


E said...

I thought so!
Your boss had the right reaction.

Athena said...

Thanks :D