Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Athena broken, bored, confused, creative, uninspired, jaded, unique, stunted, spontaneous, unbalanced, original, ambitious, insightful and more than a little bit crazy. I write.


I grew up in a small, boring city, the third of seven children. I'm blonde, I was home-schooled for elementary school and I'm a Libra.

I've been writing fiction since before I knew my alphabet and I've never loved anything more. There is no set genre that I stick to but a lot of my work has at least some supernatural elements in it. Many of my stories often include silly, improbable romances because, well, who doesn't love a silly, improbable romance?

My favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen and Robert A. Heinlein, but if I had to guess who has most influenced my writing, I would have to say David Bowie. I suppose a lot of what I write is heavily influenced by fairytales, both the Disney versions I knew as a child and the scarier originals I studied in Children's lit.

I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of dress and freedom of anything else that doesn't infringe on other people's rights. Mainly, I believe that people should find their own path and do what makes them happy. In an ideal world, I'd be an anarchist.

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