Saturday, December 8, 2012

Poetry Revisited

Since I have the place to myself this weekend*, I've been having a lazy day and I thought I would narc around** a bit, so I was looking at my Fictionpress profile and some stuff that I published on there a while ago.  I thought for a laugh, I would look through my angst-ridden poems from days gone by and see how cringe-worthy they were.  To my complete and utter shock, they're not bad.  Actually, I would say they are good.  

I had pretty much given up on writing poetry because I assumed, without really thinking about it, that my several-year poetry "phase" had been generated by man-related emo-ness and that everything I wrote during that time was therefore crap.  Oddly, several of my old poems don't have anything to do with men - and now that I can look at them more objectively, I'm pretty happy with the ones that do as well.

So, I'm thinking, this idea that only hormonal teenagers write poetry anymore needs to go away.  We no longer live in a society that can support people as professional poets, but I think people still have thoughts and feelings that can best be expressed through the written word.... and I'm not saying that I am a wonderful poet - but if I hadn't let my insecurities get the better of me, maybe by now I could have been.

Still, I'm young.  I may get there yet.

*My fiance is elsewhere.  I am bored and I want him to come home.
**This is my new phrase, referring to lazily looking over one's own old writing, paintings, photos, etc. with no real goal or purpose in mind.

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