Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quicksand - Part 18

The footsteps didn't belong to Voss. These were not the slow and deliberate steps of a man with time to spare; these were the steps of a fox trying to be silent. Of course, Minty's ears could hear anything.
The door creaked open and a single stripe of yellow light poured in, followed by the furtive silhouette of a man in a hurry. His smell was unmistakable.
“Hello Craven Lorne,” Minty said, her voice hollow and metallic.
The figure stopped in front of her, surprised, then continued his advance.
“Do I die today, Craven Lorne?” Minty asked.
Craven moved toward her rapidly now, with a sharp, whispered shhh!
Minty tipped her head to the side as Craven started to work to release her from the chains. “Will you save me?” She sounded more confused than hopeful.
“Not if you keep talking,” Craven growled. “I've killed some, but there are more of them out there. We have to hurry.”
There was a sound of clinking metal, and somehow, Minty's arms came free. She fell forward, twisted and hit the cement floor hard, crushing her shoulder and breaking her arm off above the elbow. Her scream, though short-lived, was the worst sound Craven had ever heard.

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