Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sorry for disappearing for forever. I've moved to England and I've been using that as an excuse to be lazy.

OK, yes, leading up to the move, I really didn't have time to do any writing*, but I've been here for a month now, and I've hardly written anything, story-wise or blog-post-wise. I don't know why. I have time, energy, ideas. I'm just lacking... gumption?

I don't know. Either way, I need to stop being lazy and actually produce something. Or a lot of somethings. A few days ago, I read an article called Lies Writers Tell on Terrible Minds and it did an excellent job of lighting a fire under my ass. Unfortunately, it burnt out, but before it did, I edited a huge chunk of eleven eleven wish.

I just need something to keep me going. Suggestions?

A random aside: do other people ever feel like they're running out of time, with regards to their writing? I do. Not in the sense of worrying that I'll die before I've finished writing all the stories that I have in my head (although I do have that concern), but in the sense that, with the Shakespeare-writing monkeys and everything, other people might invent and record my ideas before I do. I was in a book store the other day and noticed a book with a title that I've been planning to use for about eight years, for a story that (so far) is less than a page long. I know it's incredibly unlikely, but what if that happens to all my ideas? I think of them, put them on the backburner, and while they're simmering away, someone else comes along, thinks of them and has them cooked and on the table in minutes. It just doesn't seem fair.

*No, really, I didn't.


E said...

I'm so very very jealous of you. How is England? How are you settling in? Is it massively different from here?

Also, atm I'm trying to write four hundred words of original fiction (although I'm counting fanfiction too) a night. It keeps me writing even when I don't feel like it, so that I don't get out of the groove and end up in month-long droughts. It's worked so far.

Athena said...

England is fantasic. It's not so different from Canada, really. There are little differences, ie: about the same number of people on the street at a given time will be speaking a language other than English, but here it's more European languages and fewer Asian ones. I find the people very slightly ruder than what I'm used to, and shopping in a drug store is a little weird (everything comes in aerosol spray) - but over all, it's quite similar.

I like this idea of having a set word count goal in mind per day. I may just steal it. I'm trying (really hard) to just work on one or two projects until they're complete, but I can't figure out which ones to try to tackle first.

E said...

That's so exciting!

I'm having trouble choosing just one or two projects, too. I meant to plow through the endings of a couple of pieces of fanfiction and then dive into editing and rewriting my post-apocalyptic urban epic fantasy, but I got sidetracked and started something new with only the barest glimmer of an idea of where it's going. Again. >:(

Athena said...

That happens to me *ALL THE TIME* I asked my BF for help deciding what to work on and finish first, and he came up with a bunch of new stuff to start - all good ideas but I just want to FINISH something. ;)