Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slightly in shock...

The Novel is complete.

This is A Big Deal. I'm under no illusions that it's perfect, or even ready to be read over by another human being, what with its gaping plot holes, loose threads, and wild inconsistencies in characterization, but it is now words on a page instead of words in my head. It's actually kind of weird, not having this project in the back of my mind. When I finish edits it's going to be even weirder.


Really, I just wanted to squee. We now return to your regularly scheduled intelligent discussion.

Hmmm, now it needs a proper title...


Athena said...


Congratulations! I'm squeeing right along with you!

Rhiannon said...

I'll second that 'YAY!!!!', and throw some *HUGS* in for good measure. Congrats!

PS: I love that tag you added. I'm going to use it when next I finish something >:D

E said...

Aww, thanks you guys! :D &hearts &hearts

Rhiannon: That tag is pretty much how I feel whenever I finish something.