Sunday, November 21, 2010


My NaNo word count is at 28882. This means two things. 1, I am way behind where I should be. 2, that I have a kick-ass word count, due to it being a crazy palindrome, and I don't want to write anymore right now.

But I'm gonna, 'cause I'm way behind.

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Rhiannon said...

Hee! You're getting there! WRITE, WOMAN! I command you!

Don't feel too bad; I'm nine words shy of 28000. I really should have planned this story out better, instead of winging it the whole way through.

Although, I've got the impression now that it'll probably, actually, end up being two books rather than one, since I haven't even gotten to the main event or had them locate at least two other reborn knights...or figured out what the motivation of the main villian is...or figured out a resolution...or...

Ugh. -_-

I really wat that free proof copy from createspace, if they're doing that again this year...