Saturday, October 30, 2010


So, I came into work today (dressed as a sexy witch), all excited and thinking happily to myself that as of midnight, I could start work on eleven eleven wish. Because, as of midnight, it would officially be November 1.

Yeah, not so much. At least now that it's after midnight, the sexy witch outfit makes a bit more sense. Happy Halloween, everyone.


E said...

XD Oh well. I almost went to the bar in a decidedly un-slutty Victorian-era costume. And even though I didn't, I still got unintelligible catcalls for the costume. Nobody seems to mind somebody who's a little over-eager for Halloween.

eleven eleven wish sounds fantastic. Just from the title.

Rhiannon said...

Hee hee...oh you.

I was totally girl!Ten. I have pics. It were awesome.

Also...six days until I'm there!

Athena said...

E, pictures, please. I wants to see. Actually, pictures from both of you, please.

I got nothing but compliments from guests, though, so I guess early costume wasn't so bad.

Eeek, I can't wait to start writing.