Friday, September 3, 2010

A Thought...

We've talked before about the idea of a DevCo anthology. This idea came to me last night as I was trying to get to sleep. I'm not sure how feasible it is, but I like the concept, and I wanted to know what you guys thought about it.

Years ago, I wrote a story about a vampire who accidentally acquires a human child and is forced to look after her*. Right now, the story is 60 pages, and even once I've rewritten it, I anticipate it will be significantly fewer than 100. So... I want to put it in an anthology... but I don't know if I want an anthology of just my stuff this early in my career. I think I'd rather do something more varied, with really strong pieces from other talented writers (hint, hint).

I would like to put something together with a few interlocking themes. So far, what I've come up with for themes is: vampires, werewolves, masks and dark fairytales. There are a couple of stories you guys have written that I think would be perfect.

My plan would be to self-publish, and to donate all the proceeds to a charity. I'm thinking, since blood factors into most of the themes, a charity that supports resarch into a blood disease or the blood bank or something like that. I'd like to have it ready for release in September of 2012, in time to be purchased online for the Xmas season.

I'm happy to do all the design and layout stuff, and if everyone's game, we could do a mass group-edit.

Anyway, what do you guys think? It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment random idea, so I just wanted to get a feel for your reactions.

*It sounds like the making of a bad Disney comedy, I know, but it's not terribly funny and the parts of it that are are quite dark.


Rhiannon said...

I actually really like this idea. >:D

We could do a few poems/stories/whathaveyou each...though that might get painful, if our muses act up...

Bah. I'm all for it, whatever we come up with.

Athena said...


That's why I thought September of 2012, though, so we can have a relatively stress-free process of getting things together.

I have... 6 things already written that could work.

I may not have mentioned this in the post, but I wated to do 1-2 page author bios in the back as well.

E said...

YES. PLEASE. *hem* I mean, yes. I'mnot sure about logistics, but I guess we could figure that out.

(Oh, and I finally got my copy of Aigaion Girl today! I can't wait to tear into it. >:3)