Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Freelance Writing

Godchecker put the link to this article up on their twitter account. I read it, and thought, "Everyone at DevCo would love this", and (even though Bean's already got Godchecker on her twitter follow list thingy), I figured I'd at least let E have a go. >:D

Really though; it's a good article about freelance writing and why you can get away without pants it's awesome

Why You Should Freelance (Despite All That Face-Punching Business)

Good discussion question from this: would you ever consider doing full time freelance writing, or would you rather have a specific publication/publisher?


Athena said...

Hooray for day jobs - I ♥ mine, but, since I actually have to do it while I'm here, it's taken me this long, in bits and pieces to finish reading this article.

I love this guy's style and I can definitely see being happy freelancing. It's the selling myself (sounds a little dirty >:) that I need to get good at. But yeah, if I could make money at it, I can't imagine anything better.

E said...

I need to start selling myself, stat. Athena, you are so very ballsy. /jealous