Monday, March 22, 2010

Too Happy to Title

I guess elated would be as good a word as any, to describe the way I'm feeling. Maybe a bit shocky. Nearly a year and a half ago, I started writing Aigaion Girl ...a story of the end of days for the 2009 NaNoWriMo contest. I knew I wasn't going to win the contest, and I didn't care, I just wanted to write something. I picked Aigaion Girl because I didn't think the plot was very strong and I wanted to write something that if I trashed it by writing too fast, I wouldn't be that worried about. When I started posting chapters on FictionPress, I wasn't expecting much of a response, and at first, I didn't get one. Then, slowly but surely, I started to get comments. Those comments kept me writing and eventually, I fell in love with my characters and their story. Before I knew it, I couldn't stop writing.

And now, now my book is for sale. Actually for sale. People who are not me, people who don't even know me can find my book, buy it and read it. It's out there now.

It'll probably be a couple of weeks before it's available on Amazon; right now, it's only available here, on a little out-of-the-way corner of Createspace, but this is still an amazing feeling. I want to run through the streets shouting and I want to break down and cry. I can't even... Oh Lord, there aren't even words.

I know, I know, another shameless plug, but honestly, I can't help it. I have a book and it's for sale.


E said...

Congratulations! Virtual hugs and confetti and streamers! Have a virtual cake! Hey, have two!

*blows paper horn noisily in your ear*

Seriously though, this is a huge achievement. Take a day and celebrate however you like best. And many, many congratulations!

Rhiannon said...


Athena said...

Aww, thanks! I'm so excited, except now I'm at the check-every-five-minutes-to-see-if-I've-made-a-sale-yet stage. It's a little high stress, to be honest ;)

And hey, if it's a virtual cake, I may as well have three :D