Monday, January 18, 2010

Updates, eh?

I just want to spout about what I've been doing, because something somewhere has lit a fire under me.

First, there's this lovely essay that I'm trying to write for a scholarship, on the topic of my passion for one of the arts. Naturally, I chose literature. Unfortunately, the first draft read like a snarky pretentious thirteen-year-old with an ever-present black beret and book of bad goth poetry had written it, and had to be abandoned. I'm now on the second attempt, which sounds much, much more Disney-like, but hey, Disney knows how to tug the old heartstrings, so I can live with this.
Then, there's the actual writing side of things. I dredged up an old manuscript a little while ago and decided to give it a facelift. The ever-so-cleverly named Judgement features the apocalypse, all-too-human elves, moralistic angst, pseudo-science, nanobots, werewolves, and a saviour. It started as a little bit of fluff about nano-immortality, and quickly developed out of control into an attempt to fix everything I don't like about epic fantasy. Why do I keep doing this?
At any rate, this new version looks rather promising. At least it's better than the original, which read like it was written by a fourteen-year-old (which it was. Maybe that explains it).
And finally, in doing some research for a comic (goddamnit it's hard to draw someone leaping tall buildings in a single bound), I discovered parkour looks a hell of a lot cooler than I knew. This comic is going to go from pretty-yet-blah to OMG ACTIONSEQUENCE! just so I can use some of the photoref I found.

So! Shameless self-plug completed, I have that darn essay to work on. What've you lot been up to?


Athena said...

The essay sounds interesting, but hard to write. I don't think I could put my love of literature into word. Kudos to you for making it work (I heart Disney).

The story sounds really good. Hurry up and finish it, so we can read it. Like, now. (Just a thought - How long is it likely to be? I think you should finish it & get it published and in a a couple of years, we should gather all the various DevCo authors' apocalyptic stories together and release a mammoth anthology about the end of the world.)

Also, the comic sounds amazing. You must (by which I mean, should, if you want to) upload snippits of art. I wish I could draw, because I have a brilliant comic idea in my head, and no way to get it onto paper.

E said...

Yeah, I thought it'd be easier than it is. At the moment, I'm telling, not showing, and we all know what a sin that is...

Thank you! At the moment, it's shaping up to be something of a mammoth undertaking, and I've even considered turning it into a trilogy...but then again, I'm already falling prey to one of the traps of epic fantasy - really, really thick books.
If I can get it published, I will. And a DevCo apocalyptic anthology is an excellent idea, considering how many of us seem to write about it... We should totally do that.

I will definitely try to. I mean, it shouldn't be too hard.
However, the first few pages were drawn rather a long time ago, and so have that horrible "I-wanna-be-a-manga-artist" look. Maybe I'll post teasers and then throw in a link to the rest...

Ooh, brilliant comic idea? Share?

Athena said...

I was just thinking that Devereaux Court sounds like a really cool pretentious author name, and it would be mildly hilarious to have it on the front cover of a book. The UBER-MAMMOTH DevCo Apocalyptic Anthology... it has a nice ring to it ;)

I like this idea of teasers. Go! Post! I wanna see!

My brilliant idea (I didn't realise I called it brilliant... that comes off a little conceited - oops) has to do with a super heroes, more specifically, a recovering drug addict whose childhood hero and idol just ups and leaves, allowing the city he's been saving for her whole life to fall back into the hands of crime lords. Whackiness ensues.

E said...

Wackiness makes everything better. And ironic superhero comics are made of win.

Also - don't be afraid of sounding (at least a little) concieted. Polite authors remain in obscurity. Loud, obnoxious authors cause a stir and get publicity. Publicity = money. And you can never have too much of THAT.

Um. Yeah. I sound like a prick. Forget that. A little bit concieted is good. A lot concieted is bad. And sometimes you can walk the line in between.

Does it show that I forgot what I was talking about halfway through that last paragraph?

Athena said...

Haha, it doesn't show much ;D