Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aigaion Girl Officially Exists!

So, as the title of this rather shameless and long-overdue self-plug suggests, my proof copy of Aigaion Girl arrived today.

I'm fairly excited. CreateSpace is back in my good books. For one thing, when I read UPS in their email to me, I was thinking UPS, not US Postal Service, and there's a chance they actually said USP, and I misread it. Not being from the states, it didn't ever occur to me that UPS could mean anything other than the courier company.

The interior looks amazing, very crisp, very clean. The only problems with it are my own typos, and hey - What's a proof copy for? Also, since I have to update the interior files, I can correct what have become tiny fibs (IE, I can't really put that I live in B.C. in my bio).

I really like the outside (especially the part where my name is on the spine of an actual, real book!) as well, though I wish I could have a higher res image than 300dpi. It's clear unless you're really looking, but I think I'll shrink the cover image down just a hair, to make the graininess less obvious.

I actually got it this morning, but I wanted to wait to write a post until I had pictures {other than the pictures of me in my PJs, looking like I'm hung over and don't believe in showering (the only reason I posted this one is that the flash didn't fire)}. This afternoon, I went out with one each of my brothers and sisters to celebrate. My brother bought me a celebratory muffin. It was tasty.

Another one of my brothers is going to ask his teacher if he can read it for his English ISU, because any of the questions like what was the author trying to say here? can be easily answered by him asking me. I think it's a good idea.

At the moment, Rhiannon is reading it (she's already halfway done) and telling me all of the places I forgot things like personal pronouns and the word the. This is good, because my mind tends to put these things in when I'm reading, whether they're there or not.

OK, so this is turning into a ridiculously long post to convey a very little bit of actual information, for which I apologize. Please forgive my bouncing-off-the-walls enthusiasm and enjoy the rest of your day :)


E said...

It's so shiny! And lovely! And I want to touch it!
I suppose I'll just have to wait and purchase my own copy, shan't I?

Oh, my gosh, it must be such a thrill having your name on the spine of a book~!
(Forgive the momentary fangirl squee thar, eh?)

Athena said...

Hehe. It should be available pretty soon (*knock on wood*). I'm extra excited about that.

I've been having the squees since it arrived, so no forgiveness is necessary ;)

E said...

Consider the wood knocked.