Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prompts - Rules and Prompt Number 1

Since there was a favorable reaction to the idea of prompts, I figured I should go ahead and post the first one.

The Rules...uuummmmm....

- So we know what it is when you post, the title of the post should include which prompt it was.

E.g: Snazzy Story Title - Prompt 1.

And tags/labels - each prompt should have it's own numeral (this one's prompt 1), so when you post, you should include the label/tag for the original prompt in case anyone forgets what it is. And, of course, if you post a prompt of your own, keep track of which one it is in the sequence...

- Time...take what you need. We can have some prompts that are time sensitive, but - especially because Athena's internet access is sporadic - I think the majority of them should be a 'complete as you will' sort of thing. If anyone does post one with a time limit, of course, please mention it in the post.

- As for what...write whatever you want! Poems, short stories, long stories, scripts... Like with the time limits, I won't squash anyone's inspirations. Again, if you want to have a specific limit put on your prompt, mention it when you post it.

I'm fairly certain that's all of it...rating etc. This probably won't be a problem at all, though I should mention if, for any reason, there's ├╝berly* graphic anythings, you might want to point that out lest it come as an unwanted surprise to anyone.

If you do have a rating, please include it in the title of whatever your response is.

E.g: Snazzy Story Title - PG-13 - Prompt 1

I figure sticking with the Fictionpress ratings is a good idea, since everyone here knows what they are. I hope. >:)

Other than that...here's the first prompt:

Go nuts!

* yes, I know "├╝berly" is not a word

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