Sunday, July 12, 2009


So, editing is underway for Aigaion Girl. I'm taking Moloch, one of my characters, and giving him more of a unique voice by having him speak like he's a romantic era revolutionary (he's a demon, so this makes a certain degree of sense). Moloch has his own character, obviously, so it's more just changing his vocabulary and syntax around. Oddly enough, people didn't really speak all that differently in the 1790s than they do now (except their grammar was better). Nonetheless, I'm finding it very difficult to completely reword everything one of my main characters has ever said, especially because I want to keep so much of his personality in tact. On the other hand, it is a little cool. I'm mostly taking from William Godwin, because he had a very clear way of explaining exactly what he was thinking, and I kind of like that.

Once I'm done with Moloch (sixteen pages from his PoV, plus all of his dialogue from everyone else's PoVs), I'm going to make Camael a little more Philadelphian and Cheryl-Lee a little more consistant. Then I get to start the additions to the actual story. Eek, this is going to be a lot of work.

This shamelss plug was brought to you by the letter H.


Rhiannon said...

And the number...joint.

Good luck >:)

E said...

Gotta love Sesame Street.

Those edits sound killer. I know I could never go back and totally re-write one of my character's dialogue, let alone least, at this point. Good luck!