Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fairy Tale. Ish.

The princess is ten, her pretty-much-betrothed is fifteen and has been kidnapped for the sake of Politics - and doesn't like her anyway because she's loud. The Evil Villian wears a trench coat and is insanely pretty. And there're dragons the size of Clydesdales, evil plots to take over the kingdom, adventure, possibly unicorns, and cheese might figure predominately.

Oh, and the prince might actually be gay. I'm not sure. And neither is he.


I need names.

Evil Trenchcoat Villian is named Phoric III.

That's as far as it's gotten, but considering that Jon and I came up with this yesterday, it's not surprising.

Also, checked out 'Humvee' is actually on the list. I nearly died.


Athena said...

Sounds cool. I like the sounds of a pretty villain in a trenchcoat, and I think there should definitely be unicorns, depending on how serious the story is.

The names I came up with are Kinamira for the princess and Enoch or Birchmond for the prince.

Rhiannon said...


I think I'm going to call the princess Nyathera Kinamira Penelope Von Leiderhosen IV


E said...

I think I love your princess-naming skills. Can I contribute? I've been wanting to name a princess "Porphyria" since...well, actually, last month, but whatever.

Rhiannon said...

"Porphyria" would be an awesome Princess' name. You should go for it >:)

E said...